Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Icons


Every Call of Duty game in the franchise have always taken time to give us some nice Prestige icons to keep us leveling. This year they did something completely different in terms of how you prestiged with Call of Duty Ghosts. Instead of the normal way of just continually leveling and entering prestige once you reach max level, they do it by Squad Members.

Everytime you get a squad member to level 60, you gain the next prestige icon. In order to keep getting new prestige icons, you have to unlock and re-level up a new squad member. There is a total of 10 squad members and they all cost different amounts of squad points to buy them.

The first 6 squad members only cost 3 squad points (not including your original squad member). Squad Member #7 costs 200 Squad Points, #8 costs 300, #9 costs 400 and your final Squad Member costs 500 squad points.

You can find the icons you receive for each prestige in the image above. Try Hard!


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